“The NEAFL Sample”

– series introduction –

Our first series delves into the profiles of three recent AFL draftees and their performances in the NEAFL last season. We’ll analyse each prospect using statistics and footage to provide readers with new insights on the AFL’s newest additions.

Among these four draftees are varying sample sizes relating to NEAFL statistics and footage that we can analyse. These limited samples in some cases meant we had to change up our structure for a couple of the pieces. Across the series we only use statistics from the regular season, excluding the finals series, where only one of the prospects analysed (Keidean Coleman) featured.

We also should mention all percentile ranks are based off players who registered at least six NEAFL games in 2019.

Either way, we hope to provide meaningful content that can assist readers with gaining a better understanding of these new prospects from the often overlooked sample that the NEAFL competition provides.

If you have any questions regarding the series, please reach out via email. We’re excited to start our project off with a series close to home.


TBC – Part Three, Malcolm Rosas Jr (Nt/Gcs)